#BlackLivesMatter: Our statement and a list of useful resources

We here at London Student are heartbroken, angry, and saddened to see how black Americans are being persecuted by the police in the United States. George Floyd’s murder was despicable, and it is not the first and likely will not be the last time a black citizen is murdered by the police force due to systemic racism and discrimination in the country. This is an issue that we all need to get behind – white people, and non-black people of colour (POC) must stand together with our black friends, family, and people to stand against the disgusting police brutality they are facing. #BlackLivesMatter

We are a publication that serves thousands of students across London, and many of those students are black and non-black POC. We are publishing this to continue to serve those audiences, and to help others learn and stand in solidarity with them too. However, we do not want to take away from black voices who are so proudly speaking up right now and we recognise that there is nothing we can offer that could compare to those who know about and experience this. Therefore, we are publishing a list of articles, resources and organisations below that we encourage everyone to look at: 

General resources:

List of Black Lives Matter protests in London

Justice for George Floyd Petition – Sign Here

Suspend UK export of tear gas, rubber bullets, and riot shields to the USA Petition – Sign Here

The Late Late Show with James Corden – Reggie Watts talks about his experience of racism in light of the recent protests 

George The Poet explains to Emily Matilis why racism in the U.S and the UK is the same 

Organisations to donate to:

Black Lives Matter U.S – Supports the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States

UK Black Lives Matter Fund – Supports the Black Lives Matter movement in the UK 

Minnesota Freedom Fund – Provides bail for low-income individuals, including those arrested in protests

UK Black Pride – Supports black people in the LGBTQ+ Community

Critical Resistance – A group that struggles against the prison industry in the U.S

Anti-Raids – An organisation in the UK seeking to protect people from immigration raids

Reclaim the Block – Minneapolis organisation that moves money from the police department into other areas 

Black Visions Collective – Community-led organisation that champions black people in Minnesota

Northstar Health Collective – Organisation that provides healthcare and works with protests to create a healthy environment and reduce risk

George Floyd Memorial Fund – Covers the costs for George Floyd’s memorial and funeral costs

Black Table Arts – Organisation that champions black people in the arts and creative industries

Minnesota Voice – Working towards radical change in racial, social and economic justice


From Minneapolis to London: Who polices the police? – Freedom News

UK Anti-Racism Charities and Organisation you can support now – Stylist 

16 Key Events in the History of Anti-Black Racism in the UK – HuffPost

Tips for reporting on the anti-police violence protests in the U.S – International Journalists’ Network

Racism and the UK: What they didn’t teach in school – @das.penman via Instagram

How to Actively Oppose Racist Violence Instead of Posting a Black Square – Vice

What to do if you can’t protest on the streets for Black Lives Matter – @galdemzine via Instagram

An Anti-racist Reading List – The New York Times

Looting is the American way – BitchMedia

Open Your Purse: On Twitter, Users Demand Celebrities Distribute Wealth to Fight Police Brutality – BitchMedia

Police brutality is a public health crisis – Vox Media

If you’re a white woman and you’re uncomfortable right now, that’s a good thing – Cosmopolitan

We will continue to update this list with new articles and resources. 

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