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Seven practical ways to help the people of Aleppo

As farewell messages and videos on social media are broadcasted as a final cry for help, the resounding message from Aleppo is ‘tomorrow will be too late for us’.

I remember naively asking my mother how the international community allowed the holocaust to happen, and the next generation will ask us the same – why we didn’t do more? We can feel hopeless and helpless, overwhelmed by what we should be doing and so do nothing at all. It can be hard to know where to start so here’s a practical list of things you can do today and where to find them:

  • Join the protest – they will be taking place all across the City after major protests outside Downing Street last night. On Saturday March for Aleppo will start from Marble Arch, Hyde Park with other similar marches taking place across the cities of Europe.
  • Call on MPs and MEPs to act. Join the petition to start aid drops and sign Amnesty International’s petition calling for Theresa May to take action including targeted sanctions. You can find your local MPs here and get in touch.
  • Donate – since July the Syrian government has blocked UN aid shipments from entering Aleppo, but you can still donate to NGOs working on the ground in Syria and a trustworthy list can be found here.
  • Donate to the Syrian Civil defence. The White Helmets are a voluntary group who search recently bombed locations and rescue trapped civilians, you can help with their work by giving here.
  • If you’re qualified and able, give your time. Arabic speakers are high in demand so if you can, offer your translation skills for different aid organisations. Or if you’re a medic find out ways you can get involved with SAMS, assisting nurses and doctors in Aleppo with urgent medical advice.
  • Keep telling your friends and family about what is happening in Aleppo in Syria – use social media to highlight the atrocities and make people aware.
  • Call the Russian and Iranian embassies directly to demand a ceasefire. Russian embassy number: +44 (0) 20 7229 6412 and Iranian embassy number: +44 (20) 72254208 and +44 (20) 72254209.

Featured image: Garry Knight/Flickr

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