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We need you. At London Student we’re excited for another year of  reporting on the issues important to the capital’s every growing student population and holding the universities to account. Sadly we’re losing some of our team as they launch into careers in journalism but this means there’s plenty of opportunity for people enthusiastic about writing to get involved. 

We can provide full training as well as mentoring from professional journalists, so you can develop that interest in journalism into a career. You don’t have to be a full-time London university student to apply, either: we’ll consider applications from students outside the capital; graduates of less than two years who are looking for a new way to spend their free time; FE or vocational students; people working in universities such as post-grad researchers or lecturers; or anyone who feels that the London student environment is a large part of their life. Unfortunately due to current financial circumstances, we are unable to pay; instead, we try to educate and help our journalists into the industry. We also recognise that unpaid work is a luxury, so all positions are designed to be achievable for people who need to study and work full-time.

Details about the positions available are below. To apply for any role, send a 100-word cover letter to

Some positions are marked as elected positions, and elections for the 2018-2019 academic year will take place in October. Please apply using the directions above regardless, and we will be in touch with more details of the election process.


London Student is nothing without its writing team. If you’ve got ideas for comment pieces, would like to report on your campus, or have impeccable taste and fancy writing us reviews, we’d love to have you. Find more information on writing for us here.

News Editor (elected position)

London Student has a proud tradition of delivering news of real value to students across the city. As news editor, you will be responsible for balancing the need for swift and accurate coverage of breaking news, and our ethical and legal responsibilities. You will be able to create and lead a team of writers, managing a weekly news list, while realising your own personal vision of how a digital student news site should be run.

3 Assistant News Editors (Politics, City and Campus)

Pitches, social media, tip-offs, Freedom of Information requests, eyewitnesses – Wherever stories come from, they need someone to look at them and recognise their newsworthy potential. You will be responsible for commissioning stories under your remit and guiding reporters to cover the best news we can. Of course, there are always opportunities to get stuck in writing as well.

Politics News Editor: Everything from Parliament to NUS conference, you will be covering the where the political and student spheres collide. Decisions regarding higher education are being made in the halls of Westminster and LS has a responsibility to keep students informed about how they will be affected.

City News Editor: Local London news, student accommodation, transport, events… All things “news” and “London” that affect students in the capital fall under this section. As a City News Editor you will be working closely with the Politics News Editor, as these stories often overlap, and with campus reporters on the ground.

Campus News Editor: London Student prides itself in offering coverage to all the universities in London. As a Campus News Editor, you will be in charge of ensuring that all the relevant stories are being covered, managing a team of journalists that can respond rapidly to events in different campuses around the city and reporting to the news editor when needed.

Visual Arts Editor 

London Student has a thriving Arts section with other 300 reviews and features published last year. As visual arts editor you will be organising press tickets for exhibitions at London’s most prestigious galleries, including the V&A, British Museum and National Portrait Gallery. You will  edit a number of talented writers and collaborate with experienced, dedicated arts editors.

Opinion Editor (elected position)

Great opinion pieces can provide fuel for campaigns, change the way people imagine a particular issue, and persuade (student) politicians to take dramatic U-turns. As comment editor, you will be encouraged to deliver on all three points by finding and nurturing excellent columnists who can get to the heart of an issue in 300 words or fewer. The comment section should exist in perfect synchrony with the student news agenda, so communication skills are key.

Features Editor (elected position)

A feature is a curious piece of writing that explores a particular issue, person or culture. You will be expected to lead a team of writers in producing tantalising content with original ideas, capturing imaginations and sparking debate. Not quite comment, not quite news, but features have just as much potential to make waves.

Chief sub-­editor

The sub-editing team are the backbone of any publication, acting as the last and most important barrier to poor copy and factual inconsistencies. As chief sub, you will be expected to have a good knowledge of the latest libel laws, a specialism in a topic of your choosing, and excellent editing skills. As an eagle-eyed sub, nothing will get past you. You must be perfect, grammatically, legally, and morally.


Your duties will include sub-editing copy to house style, ensuring it is clear, reads well and looks good on screen. You will be expected to perform legal checks, using your knowledge of libel law and contempt of court, flagging up any issues to the chief sub-editor. You don’t need to be an LLM graduate to do this, but you must familiarise yourself with our advice documents.

Social Media Editor

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat? WhatsApp? LinkedIn?! (eh, maybe). In this day and age, London Student needs a social media strategy that goes beyond the ordinary and captures new and engaged audiences from all corners of the social web. You will be responsible for defining the tone of our social media outreach, planning how to reach new platforms and overseeing our daily social output.

Dance Editor 

London Student has a thriving Arts section with other 300 reviews and features published last year. As visual arts editor you will be organising press tickets for shows at the some of the country’s most venues, including Sadler’s Wells and the London Coliseum. You will edit a number of talented writers and collaborate with experienced, dedicated arts editors.

Sports Editor

Our sports section needs revitalising, with an editor passionate about covering student sports. We’re looking for someone who can keep on top of Varsity, takes an interest in boat races, and is also ready to cover any stories emerging from sports and society leadership, from lad culture to embezzlement. As sports editor you will be responsible for managing the sports sections and making decisions about which fixtures can or should be covered, and keeping your eye on London’s athletic scene.

Frontend developer

We need front end developers with WordPress experience to help create and maintain London Student’s website. You’ll be encouraged to collaborate with our journalists to develop and open source concepts and tools, as well as constantly improving our site. You’ll need to be proficient in HTML, CSS and have a working knowledge of WordPress. Javascript and GitHub skills would be great too.

Readers editor

London Student always wants to reach our readers in new and innovative ways. As Readers’ Editor, you’d be responsible for managing the relationship we have with our readers, and finding the best ways to engage them. The Readers’ Editor would be responsible for our newsletter, which goes out weekly/fortnightly with a round-up of our best stories, and would also handle comments, queries and complaints. If you’re passionate about marketing, engagement and building relationships, then this could be the role for you.

[Live] editor

[Live] is our video brand, which exists as a Youtube channel, social video (eg Twitter and Facebook) and video integrated into our site. We’re looking for a camera-savvy individual at any stage of their educational career who can oversee [Live]. You will be filming and editing news and features packages, and commissioning video content from other contributors. You have the freedom to develop our house video style, and collaborate with other editors in order to coordinate brilliant coverage of London stories.

Data Editor

We often come across stories that require more than words to be understood. As our data editor, you will be in charge of visually representing the data we collect and analyse, allowing our readers to find their way around it easily. You will be working with our journalists, collaborating with investigations and analyses on a regular basis. Maps, graphics, video… the sky is the limit to what you can do in this position, and we are looking for someone with innovative ideas that can both support and improve our stories. Familiarity with relevant computer processes and a burning passion for spreadsheets is a must.

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