KCL students and the fight against fascism

London Student went to an event organised the KCL Marxist Society called ‘Fascism – What it is and how to fight it’. We learnt that students’ role in organizing and protesting is being constantly remodeled. While unity remains important, ethics of protesting should also be taken into consideration.

Marxist Society at King’s College London is known for organizing and advocating for a left-wing “militant” answer to the problems faced by the working class. Their most recent event focused on defining and combatting fascism.

The President of the Marxist Society commented on student’s role in fighting fascism, “Organizing campaigns and strengthening solidarity between students and workers is the best way to fight fascism.” At this time, mobilizing students remains the most important concern.

Today the society joined the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain march in solidarity with people on precarious contracts. 

More events of similar nature will continue to be organised to avoid “stagnation and demoralization.” The Vice President of the Society believes that a constant state of riot is ideal to push back the fascist forces.

The KCL Marxists believe that, with a growth in the number of students now aligning themselves with left wing organizations, it is becoming even more important for universities to underline a proper code for students conducting protests. Despite points of contention between the university and the societies, students will continue to play an important role in the fight against fascism on campus and beyond.

King’s has had trouble in the past with masked demonstrations resulting in vandalization of university property. Considering the “violent” anti-fascists protests in March 2018 against controversial speaker Carl Benjamin at KCL alongside other Antifa movements, it is becoming increasingly hard to define what fascism means.

Students are at the forefront of fighting fascism on and off campus, but the question remains whether the KCL Marxist’s answer to combat this problem will really be effective.

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