Brunel student arrested for ‘killer clown’ prank

A Brunel student has been arrested after terrorising students while dressed as a clown and carrying a chainsaw on Saturday night.

Videos appeared over the weekend of the student, who was later named as 19-year-old Kenny Parker, hiding behind cars before firing up the chainsaw, leaping out and chasing passing students.

In an interview, he claimed it was to promote his Youtube channel and that the students being chased were in fact friends in on the prank. The video of the stunt, published on Parker’s channel, has been viewed almost 1,800 times.

Despite the apparent staged nature of the event, pupils were expressing fear via social media. Gemma Rogers, an 18 year old physiotherapist student, said she would “never leave her flat again” after the prank.

Another student mocked the stunt telling the prankster, you should be “focusing on your degree. Your life is clearly a joke”.

Still from the video uploaded on Parker's youtube channel shows Parker, dressed as a "killer clown", chasing two students

The “killer clown craze” originated in North America and has been rumoured to originally have been connected to the upcoming release of It, a big screen remake of Stephen King’s classic book.

Reports of similar stunts have appeared all over the UK with Kent Police revealing it alone had received reports of 59 clown-related incidents in just three days. Senior officers warned the trend was wasting police resources.

As well as his arrest, Parker faces disciplinary action from the university. Scotland Yard today warned people dressing as “killer clowns” that they could face prosecution.

Parker has since apologised for the stunt, saying: “I want to say a massive sorry to anyone I’ve scared.” Regarding possible disciplinary action and his future at Brunel University he said: “I’m really nervous. I don’t know what is going to happen. It’s such a mess.”

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