Labour has “no plans” to write off existing student debt

Angela Rayner MP has confirmed Labour’s stance on existing student debt saying there are “no plans” to write it off.

In an emergency debate in the House of Commons, Rayner, the Shadow Secretary of State for Education, said that the Labour Party has “no plans to write off existing student debt and we never promised to do so.”

This comes amid accusations that Corbyn has U-turned on an earlier pledge to wipe the existing huge student debts acquired by graduates.

In reference to the debt, the Labour leader told NME magazine during the election, “I will deal with it.”

Labour’s electoral success in this year’s election is being in part attributed to their success among 18-24 year olds who turned out in unprecedented numbers.

Jo Johnson, the Government Minister for Education, described Labour’s stance on student debt as a “spectacular and embarrassing U-turn”.

Rayner defended her party’s line on the issue. She said: “A cynic might say that they [the Government] are wilfully misrepresenting my party’s policy.”

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