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Students stage housing protest during UCL open day

70 student activists disrupted a UCL open day to highlight ‘major problems’ affecting students there.

Protesters campaigned on three issues: the ongoing UCL rent strike, fossil fuel divestment, and the discontinuation of Nathaniel Coleman’s proposed course on white supremacy.

Demonstrators gathered outside Student Central (formerly ULU) with megaphones, banners and flyers, before marching loudly through the UCL campus, finishing on the main steps in the UCL main quad.

Angus O’Brien, next year’s UCLU Halls and Accommodation representative, said protesters aimed to disrupt and undermine university attempts to present an “untainted image” by “tainting that image with reality.”

Onlookers at UCL protest

That reality involves “high rent poor quality student living conditions” at Hawkridge House and Campbell House and the lack of representation of BME academics at the university.

Adam Elliott-Cooper from Why is my curriculum white? said the demonstration was to raise awareness of the campaign in the wake of Nathaniel Coleman’s recent contract termination. He called for a “far less Eurocentric curriculum at UCL and a far more inclusive, egalitarian and decolonised one”.

A prospective student, Jenessa, supported the aims of the protest, saying “universities should lead the way on fossil fuel divestment”.

Words by Rafi Nispel and Alistair Rooms

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