London Student’s Gender Pay Gap Awards

The results are in, the gender pay gap data is out, and over 10,000 companies are sweating under the microscope as everyone with a computer or a mobile phone checks out just how bad their employers are at paying women.

So in the spirit of it all, we’re going to reward London’s universities for their tireless efforts to undervalue women in the workplace. Without further ado – welcome to London Student’s Gender Pay Gap Awards!

The Ryanair Award for just being the worst for women

Winner: Royal Holloway

Royal Holloway came out swinging in the race to be the worst for women’s pay. In an ironic twist, the formerly women-only college has reported the highest gender pay gap among London universities in both mean and median categories – 27.2% and 33.8% respectively. They really put in the work, and the men got paid more for it.

Royal Holloway started out as Royal Holloway College for women and merged with Bedford College for Women, which was founded in 1849 by a woman (Elizabeth Jesser Reid). I’m sure she would be very proud.

Runner up: Brunel

Brunel narrowly missed out on the top spot, with a mean gender pay gap of 20% and a median of 23.6%. Who knows – maybe more women would be encouraged to do STEM subjects if women were better represented at STEM universities. Or something.

The Jeff Bezos award for too many rich men

Winner: Imperial College London

Hey Imperial – where are all the womens?

The science, technology, engineering and medicine-only university has reported that women make up just 29.9% of the top paying jobs. STEM, you are letting us all down with this shit. A lot of London universities (and especially the arts ones) have managed to put at least 40% women in the top-earning 25% of jobs. It’s been said a thousand times before including literally in the last paragraph, but if you want to encourage women into STEM, put some women in STEM in the first place.

Runner up: City University of London

Such a close race! Among the top earners at City, only 31% are women. It looks like a bigger number than Imperial, doesn’t it? It’s not. It’s only 1.1% bigger. City, you don’t even have the limp STEM excuse that Imperial has. No excuses for you.

The “You Tried” Award for sneaky sneaky bonuses

Winner: Birkbeck

Looking at Birkbeck’s gender pay gap figures – a mean pay gap of 7.6% and a median pay gap of 5.2% – you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s not entirely terrible in the grand scheme of things. But you would be wrong, because of a little tiny thing called giant bonuses!

When it comes to those inconveniently large lump sums, Birkbeck’s mean pay gap is a whopping 74%, which means some dude at Birkbeck is getting an awfully big Christmas present. And before you think that maybe it’s just that more men are getting bonuses than women (which is still bad, by the way), think again – 3.5% of women got bonuses, compared with 2.2% of men, and the average man still got paid 33% more.

Runner up: London South Bank University

South Bank gets the runner up spot for having a ludicrously large median bonus pay gap of 64.7% (and a mean of 49.4%), which means that on average, women who get bonuses are getting royally shafted. South Bank has a fairly respectable overall mean gender pay gap of 6.7% and a median of 5.4% which acts as a protective media shield so they don’t get too closely scrutinised for their gigantic bonus discrepancy. Yes, men did get more bonuses than women – but only by a 0.4%-sized whisker. Hey South Bank – since you’re all no doubt patting itself on the back for only having a little bit of gender inequality, maybe you can win this award next year by changing nothing at all! We’re all rooting for you!

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