Londoners more likely to go to university than rest of UK

Recent reports show that young people from London are more likely to go to university than those from the rest of the UK.

Around 42.4 per cent of London-based 18-year-olds were admitted in higher education last year, an increase of 0.7 per cent from 2017. According to the “2018 End of Cycle Report” published by UCAS, Londoners had a 32 per cent higher chance to be admitted to university than their peers in the rest of England.

Fall in Applications

Applicant numbers have, however, slightly fallen across the board. Last year, 695,565 people applied to be enrolled in higher education, a 0.6 per cent drop from 2017. This is the lowest number since 2013.

Most of the applicants, over 80 per cent of them, are from the UK. Applicants from the EU represent 11.7 per cent with the rest of 7.6 per cent coming from the rest of the world.

Fewer Nurses

The number of people applying to learn nursing continues to dramatically fall for the second year in a row. The number of available places has, on the other hand, stayed the same, leading to record-high acceptance rates. The UCAS report argues that this is due to a change in funding.

“Previously, these applicants were able to apply for NHS bursaries. This funding arrangement has now been replaced, with applicants being able to access the same financial loans as those applying to other undergraduate courses. These changes have enabled providers to offer up to 10,000 extra training places on pre-registration healthcare programmes.”


More Data

There is a lot of additional information available on the UCAS website, including gender and social equality statistics. Go to the UCAS website to find  out more.

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