Megan: Dunn


Last year’s new NUS chief executive Simon Blake sits on LGBT charity Stonewall’s trustee board, pertinent because stonewalling is exactly what someone on Malia’s campaign accused his press officers of doing to her. Apparently when she was being pilloried by Jewish societies in the national press before conference she was determined to dispel any implication she was anti-semitic, talking to the press herself. However, the only interview requests that got through to her were ones sent to her personal email: those that went to the press office happened to disappear at some point in the process. It was only when a wayward journalist mentioned their e-mails had gone unanswered did she realise she might be being undermined.

Extra salt

Apparently Labour Students group leader Robbiie Young was confronted at 4am in a fish and chip shop last night about his group’s sudden support for universal living grants. The centrist bruiser was reportedly ‘furious’ that he’d had to vote through the measure, when historically he and his group have only ever voted for means testing. Nonetheless it ensured a key anti-semitism motion was heard sooner, and guaranteed Megan Dunn a speech immediately before the presidential election.

Up the barricades

Rook was amused to see the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts had a key election caucus disrupted yesterday when a steward pushed his tea trolley into the mêlée. Their penchant for setting up shop in the furthest corner of the room to hold open meetings might have been a bit too open for the stewards, who needed to get through to the kitchens. Luckily NCAFC care passionately about worker solidarity.

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