New documentary about the KCL Justice for Cleaners campaign

KCL Justice for Cleaners has published a short film about the #J4C campaign at King’s College London, documenting the stories of several cleaning staff as well as the efforts of the campaign.  For the last year, students and members of faculty at KCL have been campaigning to bring cleaners, who are currently out-sourced to management firm Servest, in house.

The short documentary, produced by recent KCL graduate Leah Rustomjee, with assistance from current student Jared Phanco, features interviews with cleaning staff, as well as footage from meetings and rallies. 

KCL #J4C has also published an open letter to Principal Byrne ahead of a meeting on the 13th September which will determine whether the cleaners will be brought in-house. Similar campaigns at London School of Economics, as well as SOAS, have led to university management conceding to demands. By bringing cleaning staff in-house, cleaning staff would have parity of sick pay, parental leave and holidays, among others.

Simona Alexander, a student involved in Justice for Cleaners, released a statement on behalf of the campaign, stating, “This film documents the KCL Justice for Cleaners campaign actions for the last year. Cleaners continue to face discriminatory practices but are resisting abuse and fight for better conditions every day.”

“Following the JCMB student occupation in March, King’s management finally agreed to review the cleaners working conditions. On 13 September, the university will decide if the workers are brought in-house or a business hybrid model is created. This will not offer contractual parity and it will only leave cleaners vulnerable to further abuse.”

“We won’t accept anything else than in-house and we’ll continue to fight until cleaners are treated with dignity and respect! Hasta la victoria!”

London Student Assistant News Editor (City). Liberal Arts at KCL, Wellcome Scholar at the New Statesman.

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