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Registering to vote in Theresa May’s snap election

With a snap election just seven weeks away, the clock is ticking to ensure you are registered to vote.

You can register to vote in less than five minutes.

Despite a strong turnout in the EU referendum, turnout among young for general elections is traditionally quite low. In the 2015 election 18-24 year olds were half as likely to vote as those aged 65 and over.

For last June’s EU Referendum, it was estimated that only 36% of 19-24 year olds actually voted. Considering the closeness of the final result and that young people overwhelmingly supported staying in the EU, greater youth participation could have made a very real difference.

To be eligible to vote in a UK General Election you must be over 18 and be a British citizen or be a citizen of Ireland or a Commonwealth country living in the UK.

As a student you are eligible to vote from either your home or term-time address, which means that tactical voting is an option. If your term-time address is within a constituency that is a safe-seat, your vote might be more valuable in your home constituency.

Even though your are eligible to vote in multiple local elections it is a criminal offence to vote twice in a General Election.

You can sign up to vote in June’s General Election here.

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