Pro-Brexit KCL lecturer caught on video calling second referendum campaigner “traitor” and “poking flagpole” at his head

Niall McCrae, a senior lecturer at King’s College London (KCL), was caught on video making apparently shouting “fuck off, you traitor, fuck off” at pro-second referendum campaigner Femi Oluwule at a brexit party rally. McCrae then seemingly poking a bamboo pole with a union flag towards Oluwule’s head. Before this, a man in the queue behind McCrae appears to throw water at Oluwule from a bottle.

In the video, that recently surfaced through the pro-second referendum Twitter account @OFOCBrexit, McCrae appears to be yelling obscenities at Oluwole, who had shown up with a sign asking people to discuss no deal Brexit.

Subsequently, McCrae, who lectures on mental health at KCL, was found appearing to congratulating the man who hurled water at Oluwole. While all this happned Oluwole did not nothing but stand quietly on the pavement, holding his sign.

KCL is yet to take any action on this situation, although they have tweeted in response to the protests surfacing online against McCrae that his actions are “being dealt with as a priority.”

This is not the first time that McCrae has engaged in behavior that has sparked an outcry from KCL alumni and students.

In December 2016, he was condemned for comparing LGBT activists to Nazis. This was in response to the removal of Lord Carey’s portrait from KCL’s gallery of notable alumni on the Strand owing to his discriminatory views on gay marriage.

McCrae also writes for a Tory think tank, inceasingly expressing views associated to the alt-right.

London Student has contacted KCL asking what further actions will be taken against McCrae but have yet to receive a response.

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