Protest pains: Narstie women and Corbyn in a jam

The rewards of Labour

Students packing out the SOAS lecture theatre to hear Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott speak for the NUS United for Education rally were pretty upset when the two didn’t turn up.

As the event started, with the Dear Leader of the Opposition and his Home Secretary clearly not on stage, the chair assured the distraught crowd that they were held up by a vote on mental health, but would be on their way shortly. The chair repeated his promise of the headline act’s imminent arrival every 15 minutes for the two hour rally, until everyone left Corbyn-less.

Of course, no one could question the absence of the two senior Labour politicians for such a noble cause as mental health. Not unless you checked the Hansard for the date in question and found that mental health was not on the agenda in Parliament.

Instead Rook spotted that Jezza was also billed to speak at a Sikhs for Labour event that night. Unfortunately for the higher education warriors, the Sikhs for Labour event coincided exactly with the NUS rally. Considering the recent accusations of racism against the Labour Party one can understand why he went for the SfL event rather than preaching to the student choir at SOAS. What is less comprehensible is why someone blamed his absence on a fictitious vote. Honesty, it seems, is not always the preferred policy.

That’s just Narstie

One may be excused for thinking that the National Union of Students – an organisation with a strict no platform policy, as well as a dedicated Women’s Campaign and Women’s Officer – might restrain itself from giving a platform to known misogynists.

Nevertheless the NUS, an organisation partially funded by its members, paid Big Narstie £1000 to appear on stage at their #Nov19 rally last weekend, as well as headline the official after party at Goldsmiths Student Union.

Besides recording and performing grime music, Narstie stars as an agony uncle in his hit YouTube show, Uncle Pain. Advice offered has included: “girls think that rah, because you’re a girl and give man pussy that men are supposed to buy you stuff”, and that when a girlfriend refuses a boyfriend sex that’s when men “end up raping bitches and all”.

To one lady who wrote in saying she cheated on her boyfriend Narstie responded: “you need to wash your fanny with Duck [toilet] cleaner” and told her to “get a fucking job, shut your fanny, do something with your life”.

Big Narstie also, it should be said, attempted to branch out into reality TV with the show ‘Base Babes’: a 24/7 live feed of ‘50 gorgeous babes partying and getting naughty this summer’.

Did the NUS miss all of this?

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