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Habibi Funk and Flamingods at Jazz Cafe

On Friday 9th March, Jazz Cafe played host to an eclectic mix of beautiful music from around the world, that truly befitted the internationally-renowned venue.

Flamingods are a 4-piece band whose DJ set was out of the ordinary. Transcending beyond your usual clubnight tunes, Flamingods played everything from South-East Asian funk to disco tracks. Their band members come from all around the world, and the music certainly showed it. The diverse range of sounds created a carnival-like atmosphere, with a palpable sense of excitement effervescing from the crowd.

Habibi Funk. Source: Facebook

Habibi Funk played beloved Arabic songs such as ‘Oum Kalthoum’, but with his own boogie mix, making these mellow old Arabic songs sound not so out of place on a Friday night in London – a feat whose impressiveness was not lost on the crowd. His wide-ranging selection mainly drew on Arab musicians’ flirtations with foreign styles, like Egyptian R&B and North African Rock & Roll. Generally, it translates well for a Western audience – it feels fundamentally familiar, and invites you to dance. 

There is an urgency for artists like Habibi Funk in today’s world as people in the West tend to misunderstand people in the Middle East. Nights like this show that everywhere in the world, we all want to boogie.

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Maya Sughaiyer