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London Student is a leading student media co-operative for the digital era, innovative, creative and committed to covering the best stories. Working in London Student puts you at the forefront of campus life, breaking great news and sharing it in an original and creative manner. You’ll be part of a close-knit team of talented journalists, working in a fast-paced environment. All of our roles are intended to fit around university studies.

London Student was relaunched in 2015 by Ben Jackson, now a graduate trainee sub-editor. James Andrew Smith is our treasurer, Megan Gurney is our chair and Emma Yeomans is our news editor.

Oscar Webb
London Student editor 2013-2014
Working at London Student was one of the most fun and engaging things I’ve ever done. We made a real impact on student discourse and did our best to hold the university to account. I’d recommend it to anyone

Current Vacancies

To apply for any role, send a 100-word cover letter to

Our reporters are the basis for all of London Student’s work: to be a good reporter you need to have your ear to the ground, be great at spotting stories and quick to react when something needs a write-up. It’s not a lonely job though: you’ll be supported by our team of editors and staff with regular editorial meetings and check-ups. This is a great initial step into the world of journalism – if you’re interested, drop us a line.

Assistant News Editors
Pitches, social media, tip-offs, Freedom of Information requests, eyewitnesses… wherever stories come from, they need someone to look at them and recognise their newsworthy potential. You would be responsible for commissioning stories and guiding reporters to cover the best news we can.

Investigations Editor
An investigations editor would be expected to use FOI, undercover methods and general sleuthing to uncover stories that take a bit of time and effort. Working with the news editors, an investigations editor would be given the space to fully research completely original stories and – if they’re really good – change people’s lives through their reporting.

Political Editor
We’re not a pressure group or a political party, but we don’t kid ourselves that we’re apolitical either. Our politics coverage aims to be balanced, insightful and intelligent, covering national politics from a student angle. If you’re interested, make sure you know your chief whips from your party chairman, your higher education white paper from your Blairite hit-list and your genuine campaigns from Trotskyist fronts.

Opinion Editor
Great opinion pieces can provide fuel for campaigns, change the way people imagine a particular issue, and persuade (student) politicians to take dramatic U-turns. As comment editor, you will be encouraged to deliver on all three points by finding and nurturing excellent columnists who can get to the heart of an issue. The comment section should exist in perfect synchrony with the student news agenda, so communication skills are key.

A good columnist needs to have an opinion on a news story, every week, to a deadline. It means having a pretty fully-formed worldview that’s nuanced, complex and in-touch with our student readers. If you’ve got a lot to say, this would make a good start. We’re especially looking for student politicians in this role – in a lot of ways, you know the ins and outs of higher education itself. Let us know if you’d like to write something regularly.

Rook is our student politics diary, producing socialite mini-stories exposing all the inward-looking cynicism of the hack world. Our diarists report anonymously, but can end up making a big impact on student democracy and are a must-read for any aspiring NUS sabb. If you especially like parties, join the Rook team.

Features Editor
If you’ve got a passion for writing and want to explore an issue in detail, features are just the job for you. Features use creative flair to tackle the news, be it through interviews, literary talent or analysis, and articles should be full of colour that grabs a readers’ attention. As features editor, you’d be looking to work with reporters, sub-editors and even web developers to produce work that’s both impeccably written and produced.

Chief Sub-­editor
The sub-editing team are the backbone of any publication, acting as the last and most important barrier to poor copy and factual inconsistencies. As chief sub, you will be expected to have a good knowledge of the latest libel laws, a specialism in a topic of your choosing, and excellent editing skills. As an eagle-eyed sub, nothing will get past you. You must be perfect, grammatically, legally, and morally.

Your daily duties will include sub-editing copy to house style, ensuring it is clear, reads well and looks good on screen. You will be expected to perform legal checks, using your knowledge of libel law and contempt of court, flagging up any issues to the chief sub-editor. You don’t need to be an LLM graduate to do this, but you must familiarise yourself with our advice documents.

Books Editor
Working under the Review Editor, the Books Editor would be expected to produce original book reviews and literary analysis, potentially also producing features by authors or reproducing chapters as previews to literature. As Books Editor, you’d be expected to be in-touch with academic consensus and introduce readers to what’s new, challenging and curious about upcoming publications.

Film and TV Editor
A Film and TV editor would be working under the Review Editor to talk screen and cinema, providing original takes that present well-known shows in a new light or introduce lesser known gems to a whole new audience.

Theatre Editor
Any Theatre Editor in London would need to know the ins and outs of the West End and grab early tickets to give readers a guide to the must-watch shows of the season. The perfect job for an ex-actor or director, or anyone studying theatre, this job also means you get a bunch of free tickets. So why not?

Music Editor
We’re already sent more music than we could ever review, and get invitations to gigs all over London. Your job as music editor would be to cut through the noise and tell readers about music that’s fresh and popular, as well as being familiar with the club circuit, maintaining good relationships with DJs and promoters.

Science and Technology Editor
Science reporting in the national press can be extremely poor, misrepresenting facts and misleading readers. We’d be looking for a Science and Tech editor to give the academic perspective to readers, separating fact from fiction and breakthroughs from old news. Technology also means reviews, whether of e-readers, video games or Silicon Valley executives.

Social Media producers
We need fun and friendly faces to manage the day-to- day running of our social media channels. You would be responsible for managing our presence on specific platforms and trying to get our work in front of the largest audience you can find. Show us how to innovatively reach out to new groups and we’ll let you stick ‘Social Media Warrior’ on your CV.

Marketing director
London Student has a strong reputation and needs a distinctive marketing strategy to match. You will be expected to reach out to potential partners in order to create a financially flourishing product. And you will be able to work with graphic designers, editors, the social media and PR teams to launch promotional campaigns across all of London’s universities. A role in the marketing team demands discipline, high organisational skills and a creative mind to put your unique vision into practice.

Frontend developer
We need front end developers with WordPress experience to help create and maintain London Student’s website. You’ll be encouraged to collaborate with our journalists to develop and open source concepts and tools, as well as constantly improving our site. You’ll need to be proficient in HTML, CSS and have a working knowledge of WordPress. Javascript and GitHub skills would be great too.