Students at LSE set up Brexit focused think tank

Students at the London School of Economics (LSE) have set up a think tank investigating suggestions and solutions for post-Brexit Britain.

Over the next seven months ‘Thinking About Brexit’, which consists of seven LSE students, will be looking into the effects of Brexit.

Each month it will focus on one of seven key sectors: trade and relations with the EU, trade and relations with the rest of the world, economy, migration, rights and legal protections, businesses and employment, and social policy. Introductory videos can be found on Thinking About Brexit’s Youtube channel.

At the beginning of each month they will release a short article, outlining how Brexit can affect one of the key areas that they’ve identified, on their website.

The participating students will then come together for further analysis on the piece, which will be filmed and published.

At the end of each month, a report will be released with further information and detail about the ‘vision’ for that area.

Thinking about Brexit founder and LSE student, Kwame Boateng, said “My hope for this think tank is simple : to create a positive and realistic vision for Brexit.

“The key by-product of this will be showing people that students can be taken seriously and our concerns shouldn’t be pigeon-holed.”

The first topic that the think tank has published a report on is trade and relations with the European Union, which can be found here. The second report, on the topic of trade and relations with the rest of the world, will be published in December.

London Student Assistant News Editor (City). Liberal Arts at KCL, Wellcome Scholar at the New Statesman.

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