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Over the last year, London Student has broken stories of national and international significance.

We’ve exposed an international eugenics conference, attended by a government appointee. We’ve kept students up to date during the longest ever strike by university teaching staff. We’ve thrown light on the epidemic of sexual assault at universities.

And we’ve done it all without resorting to advertising or sponsorship on our website, to ensure we always remain and appear truly fearless and independent. But now we need your help.

Our goals

1. To cover our costs for another year, we need to raise £500. This will cover all registration and hosting fees, with a small surplus to account for emergency expenditure.

2. To put together a one-off print edition of London Student, we need to raise a further £500.

We want to put our best stories into print, and distribute them across London campuses at the start of term. As new students arrive in London, we want them to meet us, and to become a part of London Student’s work – as readers, contributors or friends.

3. To expand our work and train more students in the basics of journalism, we want to raise a further £1000.

This will allow us to cover some basic story expenses: transport and accommodation for NUS conferences; better equipment for covering live stories; tickets for arts events for our culture and review writers; or fees for training so our journalists can develop their craft.

We want to raise £2000 by the end of 2018.

Right now, we achieve a lot on a little. With your support, we can achieve a lot more.

There are two ways you can help

Make a donation to us

You can donate monthly, or as a one-off gift, via Paypal. Everything you give goes directly to our work: no hidden costs, no extra expenses. Just journalism.

Stay in touch

You can join our mailing list, to receive a weekly summary of our stories and updates on our projects, during term time. We’ll also keep you up to date on our fundraising progress.

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