Time, delegate

Through the motions

Talk of students’ union disaffiliation has been all over the national press since Malia Bouattia’s election, but luckily the NUS leadership thought ahead last year. Their most recent group of company accounts notes they had made ‘great strides’ in diversifying their revenue streams. Affiliation fees now account for just 20% of their total income. Do your worst, membership.

Comment is free

Reporter Jessica Elgot’s news article in The Guardian announcing Malia’s win has changed considerably from what was in print on Thursday, especially around supposed ISIS support. Ms Elgot was there at conference but no doubt as an objective journalist kept her opinions on the presidency entirely to herself. Especially since she appeared as a speaker at the big Union of Jewish Students fringe just before the presidential vote.

The guillotine has fallen

1 Number of times Megan Dunn called out NCAFC as a ‘political faction’ on Twitter

3 Number of times Megan Dunn thanked NOLS in her unofficial leaving speech

Moving goalposts

NUS chief executive Simon Blake’s 2001 book amusingly titled ‘Moving Goalposts’ (presumably not a reference to democratic procedure) isn’t pegged at the most affordable price on Amazon. The only used spiral-bound copy left will set you back an astonishing £1,519.63. Perhaps not so astonishing for Mr Blake: he earns a salary in excess of £90,000.

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