London Student

Top placards – Free Education Demo

The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) successfully organised and led a huge student march on Wednesday (15th November).

London Student were in attendance and we spotted some awesome placards which we just had to feature!

“Jeremy Corbyn supporters tend to be depressed vegetarians”

Surrey Labour Students’ sad boys call for free education!

A 2-for-1 deal on awesome placards!

Students aren’t the biggest fans of Nick Clegg….

In 2010, Nick Clegg pledged to oppose further tuition fee rises. However, after forming a coalition government with the Conservatives, tuition fees were actually trebled.

We’re here, we’re queer and…we don’t want to pay £9k a year!

The queer bloc were in full force at the march!

Are you even at a student march if you don’t see a twitter meme featured? This time, it’s the Bella Hadid “homeboy” meme!

How much does a degree cost in Scotland? £0
How much does a plastic bag cost in Scotland? 5p

How much does a degree cost here? £9,000/year…

*the designer of the placard wanted me to clarify the grammar can still work if used in past tense 😉

From boycotting the NSS…to full communism…the natural process right?!

The NSS is the National Student Survey – filled out by final year University students about their student experience and course satisfaction. Many students have called for the boycott of the NSS due to worries of the survey results being use to justify an increase in tuition fees, through TEF, the Government’s new Teaching Excellence Framework.