UCL: New ID checks at Institute of Education “done in consultation with our community”

University College London (UCL) has told London Student that new ID controls at the Institute of Education (IoE) were implemented following a staff survey.

Until recently, the IoE’s doors at 20 Bedford Way stood open to the public. This changed in June, when UCL placed extra security guards on the door to ask for ID.

A UCL spokesperson said, in a statement to London Student: “In response to feedback in our most recent staff survey, we have increased the number of security guards asking staff and students to present ID at the point of entry to 20 Bedford Way.”

They added: “This decision has been made to improve security for all and has been done in consultation with our community.”

It is now harder to enter the IoE without UCL ID.

The new measures appear, overall, to have been well-received by UCL members. Juliett, a UCL natural sciences student, told London Student: “I heard that there’s been a few incidents, so I don’t mind really.”

She said: “There’s been thefts and so on; people just walking in and taking laptops.”

An IoE library staff member, who preferred to remain anonymous, agreed: “I think it’s a good thing. The way that people were able to just walk in and wander around the corridors earlier was quite alarming actually.”

Alba, a UCL Philosophy PhD student, had not noticed the new security despite regularly visiting the IoE. But she thought they made campus safer: “It’s good to know there’s only students and staff around as it’s such a large campus.”

UCL did not say whether the extra guards on the door would be replaced by automatic turnstiles in the future.

The Students’ Union UCL postgraduate officer was approached for a comment.

Photo credit: David Dahlborn

Opinion Editor. Cambridge History PhD student.

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