UCL were paid thousands by eugenics conference with neo-Nazi connections

UCL received thousands of pounds over three years in exchange for hosting a eugenics conference with neo-Nazi links, London Student can reveal.

The London Conference on Intelligence, exposed a London Student investigation last month, hosted white supremacist academics closely associated with the American alt-right.

Those involved include Richard Lynn, whose Pioneer Fund bankrolls American Renaissance, a major white supremacist journal and conference, and who has called for the ‘phasing out’ of ‘the populations of incompetent cultures.’

A Freedom of Information request showed that UCL received £3,413 in exchange for hosting and catering the conference, which ran from 2015 to 2017.

The event was organised by Dr James Thompson, a UCL honorary senior lecturer, but the names of the attendees were not divulged in advance. Since the conference was booked and paid for as an external event, the speakers should have been vetted in line with UCL’s Prevent duties. UCL are currently investigating why this was not done.

Topics discussed at the conference include whether ‘racial admixture’ reduced population quality and three papers, all by men, proposing that women are innately less intelligent. In response to London Student’s investigation, UCL reiterated their commitment to ‘combatting racism and sexism in all its forms.’

Dr James Thompson responded to the statement by tweeting that ‘if you want to combat racism and sexism you need the benchmark of open discussion of racial and sexual differences.’

Dr Thompson has not been stripped of his UCL title, despite calls from students including student union BAME Officer Ayo Olatunji. ‘They’ve asked him for an “explanation”,’ Olatunji told a crowd of protestors.

‘All the evidence is on his social media, his tweets, his blogs. Everything is there – but all they’ve done is ask him for an “explanation.” I tell you – if there were Muslims involved we would see counter-terrorism police on campus by the next day. There’s a double standard here.’

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