Editorial message: the closure of London Student

Dear readers,

After a year long fight to try to retain London Student as a University of London funded student newspaper, and no change in the University of London’s hostile position, our editorial team vacated the London Student office in the ULU building on Thursday 31st July.

It’s currently uncertain what will happen to London Student in the future. As it stands, London Student does not have any funding nor any office space to work from, nor does it have an editor, as I myself was elected from July 2013 to July 2014 — I will, however, be acting in a sort of interim editor capacity, working with other past editors, trying to get the newspaper back on its feet.

It’s uncertain who owns the London Student name and brand. The last time we checked, the name was not copyrighted and we have not yet received any notices from the University regarding our continued use of the name on this website and on our Twitter. The answer to this issue will, I think, become clearer in the next few weeks.

We’re leaving the website up as we believe it contains content that people will find important and useful at least into the near future.

All of London Student‘s old email accounts have been deactivated, so if you should need to contact anyone regarding LS please email me: webb_oscar [at] hotmail [dot] com.

For those interested, archive copies of London Student and its predecessors dating back to at least the 1920s are held at Senate House library and the British Library. We donated our photo archive to Senate House library.

Hopefully this isn’t the end for London Student just yet.

Thanks for your continued interest,

Oscar Webb

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