Women of the World Roar

As the International Women’s Day Flag flew over Parliament, women across London celebrated their future and their past.

It was a day of protests, marches, and strikes in the name of women but also a celebration of womankind in the form of art, history, literature, and music. It was a day women all around the world stepped up and clapped back at the prejudice and bigotry of the world. It was the day McDonald’s flipped their logo in support of women, and it was also a day to be reminded of the many struggles women face such as how one in five women have been found to be sexually assaulted.

So what happened?

Regardless of your political disposition and background, one can at least reflect upon and celebrate the fact that we are making strides for womankind regarding an array of issues such as mental health, domestic abuse, sexual assault and various others.

Theresa May called for a new domestic violence bill that would curtail and identify abuse sooner and provide more aid to victims. Other’s reflected upon intersectionality and how women of different backgrounds suffer acutely different issues. The NHS stated that there has been a significant rise in mental health issues in young women, where one in four women have anxiety, depression, panic, phobia or obsessive compulsive disorder.

A hundred MPs wrote to Amber Rudd, the home secretary, asking for women in Northern Ireland to be able to have access to abortion services locally.

As for demonstrations, to name a few, there was a blockade on the Department of Health regarding the unequal treatment of trans women in health care, and a campaign to decriminalise sex work for safer work conditions in the industry.

Given the array of issues that have been discussed and brought to light today, it seems important to reflect upon the importance of unity regarding the intricate, diverse, and many faceted issue that is women’s rights.   

Thing’s to do around Women’s History Month

Although it was in many ways a call for action, it was also a day of celebration. An exhibition celebrating women in the arts opened today at Zebra One Gallery in Hampstead which will run until the 22nd of March.

Another exhibition called Home Strike on domestic biopolitics will be open until the 21st of April in Shoreditch. If you’re interested in festivals, Women of the World Festival, and Women in Focus Festival will be running for the next few days. If music, film, and talks are your cup of tea, there is the Woman and the Hall exhibition at Royal Albert Hall. If literature is your area of interest, Like a Woman bookshop willing be selling only female authors until the 9th.

What can you do to support?

In the end, man or woman, there is a part to be played in each of us. To further celebrate and fight for the cause beyond International Women’s Day, looking into these revolutionary organisations fighting for women may be of interest.





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